Africa has a very dynamic startup ecosystem. Most of the startups are tech-based as they were founded by “Digital Natives”, who drive product and service development.

Startups in Africa mostly focus on developing solutions for basic daily-life challenges. Many of those products and services are novelties in Africa, such as micro payments, micro credits, the establishment of social networks, telemedicine and other inventions dealing with the provision of basic services.

A key characteristic of these companies is “Leap Frogging”. A lack of infrastructure comes both as a curse and a blessing for the young entrepreneurs as it forces startups to develop new solutions instead of jumping onto existing products and merely developing them further. In some sectors like mobile banking and payments this even creates a competitive advantage compared to established markets.

In Europe, and Germany especially, startup ecosystems are well established. Some of the products and services those startups have developed are ready to be exported into the world, or can be tested in a different environment where they can potentially improve the lives of customers, such as those in Africa.

The large and medium-sized (Family) businesses in Germany play an important role in this context, as they find themselves confronted with the challenges of digitalization and need for continuous innovation. Most of them are open to establishing partnerships with startups or exchange ideas with them in order to obtain a fresh view on established processes.

Knowing about the often limited financial capacities of startups, it is critical for us that our services effectively allocate your budget for growth. We pursue a long-term approach based on sustainability rather than looking at short-term dividends and revenues.

Our services are designed to connect people and businesses: Startups with startups; Startups with enterprises; from Africa and into Africa. This includes:

  • identifying relevant startups in Africa for German enterprises with a specific focus on digital services and products as an investment target or for partnership options;
  • finding the right country market for German startups to grow their business or to leverage services and products in partnership with African startups;
  • finding potential investors for German and African startups to grow their business on the African continent; and
  • acting as an Advisory Board member for startups with a focus on Africa.
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