Africa Advisors was founded by Dr. Christian Lindfeld and Klaus Findt.

Our starting point was our mutual passion for Africa combined with our fascination of the unlimited opportunities which the last major growth market has to offer - despite ongoing challenges and barriers to entry.

Our experience in Africa and an ongoing interaction with various investors and companies around the world encouraged us to establish an advisory firm focused on assisting large and medium-sized companies, family offices and start-ups with the set-up, development and growth of their business in Africa.

We strongly believe in the growth story of the African continent which we have witnessed through the success of many projects across various countries, regions and sectors. The positive impact of these projects on economic growth, as well as their potential to foster social and political stability and secure the future of the continent’s young workforce are additional factors motivating us to promote business opportunities on the continent.

Market entry, growth and Impact Investment in Africa are not a desktop exercise, but require an on-the-ground presence. Africa Advisors has therefore strategically positioned itself with Klaus being in Africa close to the market and industries, and Christian operating from Germany, close to our clients. This combination allows us to provide the best possible support to our clients throughout the realisation process.

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