In order to efficiently assess and advise you on your Market Entry or Market Expansion strategy into Africa, we do not adopt a standard approach, but review your case from the owner’s perspective. Taking into consideration your needs, risk profile and longterm business plans, we are dedicated to developing a suitable strategy for your endeavours together with you and your team. Our services reach from providing assistance in deciding which region or countries to invest in, to how to practically implement your investments.

By working directly with your team on the ground we ensure that the chosen strategy is executed in an effective and efficient manner. If necessary, we will accompany your business in the following weeks, months and years in order to ensure the longterm success of your investment. All our recommendations are designed to protect the owners’ interests and increase shareholder value.

For your market entry and growth strategy we will:

  • assess the opportunities and risks of your strategy from a commercial, political and macroeconomic perspective;
  • assist you in selecting the right market entry approach, e.i. through a joint venture, franchise, greenfield, distribution channel;
  • support you during the implementation process and with your project management. We assist with business registration, negotiation of contracts as well as building your local business;
  • assess political changes and developments and help to find local partners if required; and
  • establish a reporting system that allows you to respond and react quickly to shifting market conditions.

In addition to that, we have found that often the management capacities required to support the local management team and fully exploit the potential of your business activities in Africa are often limited. Even though, at times, it might be key to obtain an independent second opinion regarding upcoming decisions for your Africa business.

In this case, we offer a variety of options, such as:

  • being permanently available for your local management as a contact who provides advice and support for upcoming decisions and/or the execution of actions;
  • providing an independent analysis of the business activity which will be reported to head office on a regular basis; and
  • adopting a formal role in the company by sitting on the supervisory board or advisory board of the African company.

We also advise our clients during the process of receiving government support. Besides the usual export guarantees there is a variety of German and European funding opportunities available to support your Africa business. Through a strategic involvement of our business partners and network, we can offer you a support structure in Europe and beyond.

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