After working for KPMG Corporate Finance in Düsseldorf for ten years, my family and I moved to South Africa in 2007 for my two-year secondment. With the global financial crisis hitting that same year, I was forced to adjust my long-term plans. We decided to stay in Africa permanently, a move we have never regretted.

KPMG Africa gave me the opportunity to take a leading role in building their infrastructure and transactional advisory business in Sub-Saharan Africa, for which I was mostly handling large transactions. For years, I have travelled the continent and advised public and private clients on the structure and financing of their infrastructure projects, while simultaneously building a pool of infrastructure and transactions advisors around the continent. Together we managed to successfully implement various projects in the energy and transport sectors and assisted international blue-chip companies to enter the African market.

My recurring visits to over 20 African countries and the many discussions I’ve had with politicians, civil servants, operators, founders and investors, prompted my fascination for the business opportunities on this continent to grow.

While the opportunities in the internationally renowned, and in most parts well explored oil, gas, and mining sectors are critical for the future development of Africa, they are only the tip of the ice berg. Features like population growth, an ongoing trend towards urbanisation as well as an expanding middle class bear incredible opportunities in areas such as infrastructure, education, medical coverage, finance, retail and agriculture.

Ever since I left KPMG in 2015 I have been focusing on the development of selected projects from conception to successful implementation.

During my time in Africa I have experienced almost everything – hard work and setback on the one hand, and major achievements and sustainable impacts on the other.

I am looking forward to being a part in growing your business in Africa and sharing my experiences with you.

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