Impact Investment funds are solely used to invest in companies dedicated to solving social or environmental problems, and to a lesser extent pursuing financial goals. The United Nation’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals serve as a framework for our work on our clients’ projects.

Africa Advisors is neither a fund nor an asset manager.

In order to maintain our independence throughout the process, we do not provide due diligence services nor any tax or legal advice, but rather accompany our clients during these processes. Our financing and impact models are usually subject to external quality controls.

All contracts are negotiated with our clients or in the interests of our clients. As we are not lawyers, we focus on the commercial aspects of the negotiations, ensuring that they are conducted efficiently and that their successful outcome is not delayed by potential cultural differences.

Our services and activities in regards to Impact Investment include:

  • working closely with Family Offices, Portfolio Managers and Non-Profit Organisations;
  • gaining an understanding of your investment philosophy so we can execute your strategy on the African continent in the best possible way; and
  • using our network to identify potential investment opportunities and, if required, accompanying you through the entire investment cycle:
    • we conduct an initial investment assessment based on a feasibility study and conduct basic research to test the integrity of all the parties involved;
    • we develop integrated financing and impact models which clearly and quantifiably reflect the social or environmental impacts of your investment over a certain period of time (including the classic market and financial indicators, but also indicators like access to fresh water, electricity, housing, education, and credit products, depending on your investment); and
    • after the initial investment we assess the model to validate the assumptions made in the course of the implementation. Should these be invalid, the necessary adjustments will be made.
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